Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday April 20, 2009

Hello. The artwork on this post is by Eileen Casey. The piece on the left is titled "Resting at Flatrock" the piece in the center is titled "Into the Woods" and the piece on the right is titled "Rancho" They are intimate little "cigar box" stories.
If you go to the link above you can see more details about Casey's work and how to purchase.

In addition to being an artist Eileen Casey is Arts Editor for an online magazine focusing mainly on the east end of Long Island. She very generously featured me in the current Artist Profile which you can see by clicking on this link. Please leave a comment if you have a moment. Thank you!!! Oh btw, as I have said on previous posts I am on the same page with LIZA damn it. So check it out.

Hey Susan, I will call you tomorrow. Hi Janice, Hi Caity. tyhank you for your posts and I will call you very soon.

Excuse me, Drew, Jessica,.....Goddesses!!

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  1. Mark
    Cool artwork!
    Babs in concert is on CBS this Saturday at 8PM. It must be a repeat of an earlier one, but she does look GOOD!
    Hope all is well!!!

    Hugs to you and John