Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009, pact with the devil



Check me out.

Hello. Listening to the radio and working on some paintings for an installation idea. This image is one of my favorite RL's It is a hardbound Williams and Sonoma cookbook.

So anyway not much to report. I took a couple of friends to Chelsea on a gallery tour. We saw quite a lot and some good some not so good. Life is a mixed bag. Mary Boone had Koons, Kelley, Koh and I'll tell you this show was not trying to please anyone. An average person off the street would probably think it was stupid. I guess it is to intellectual for me I found it annoying quite frankly.

There is a great show of the film maker John Waters. I really love him. His sense of humor is filthy in every way. I want to go back. There was a roach motel the size of a large coffee table on the floor with the word "decorate" I think, embossed on the top. I didn't see that it was a roach motel until I was across the room. There was one piece that had images of all the screen greats from Meryl, Liz, on and on all with a cleft palette. Crazy. I love him. I want to go back tomorrow. I regret that five or six years ago I didn't buy this plate series of his at this crazy store on Ninth Avenue. They had Barbie dolls painted on them with Farrah Faucetts face superimposed in Barbie.

So that is all I guess. I am preparing my apartment for a four day visitor at which point I am out East and no matter what I do it seems like nothing is changing. I also feel like no matter how much I stretch and exercise I can't get my thirty-something waist back. Anyone who knows me would say get over it but to them I say mind your own business. It is tough getting on in years.


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