Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday April 13, 2009

Hello. I made a collage of paintings form my collection of Robert Loughlin's work. They look so good, I've made a group forming a vertical on the wall over one of his sculptures. I am so lucky to have these pieces. I've posted a good one next to Babs kind of appropriate as she is a lover of men.

I've been doing some google searches and have found that I am very easy to locate if the right words are entered. Surprise Surprise. Anyway that is good news and there are technorati links when googling my blog. Does that mean something is happening? I have to be more regular with the blog that's what that means. Boring.

Getting ready for my four day sublet. Seems like a big inconvenience for four days but money is money. I need a picture on this posting. There we go. Hello Gorgeous.

I'm with Liza. Check me out. I'm milking this one. I'm also with Drew and Jessica. Can't wait to see that show. See below.

Just humor me ok, after all this does not happen everyday.

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