Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday March 7th 2009

Hello. I am taking a break form work for a moment to check in and write a post. I am out in EH and tonight was a reception for James Kennedy at Sylvester & Co. in Amagansett. James Kennedy of Surface Library Gallery showed fifteen or so paintings, the work is beautiful and soothing and looked great in context with simple contemporary furniture. It was nice to see some local people that I like out and being social and meeting some new people. Hey Lynn Dunham it was so nice meeting you if you are reading this, if not I will be in touch. Of course insecurities of my blog not being good enough creep up, got to let it go.

I am making a proposal for a Canadian company that is doing over their offices and the conference room's are being named after trees. It sounds a little hokey but I think it has potential to be a nice group of work. In total it will be nine paintings. Seven will be the same or similar scale 40"x36" and two will be larger for the two "Maple" conference rooms. I am making close-up views of the trees which is something that is familiar to me, the way I have been looking at trees. So as far as this project goes it feels like a natural progression of my current work.

I'm using watercolor for the proposal and will include a piece of canvas with oil swatches of color to show my palette. I am trying to make it fool proof for the designer, with my site as a reference to get a look at what I've done will seal the deal one way or the other.

It is a nice amount of money for the work which will flow very easily. If approved I think I can crank these paintings out as I have made many preparatory sketches/paintings for this proposal and feel very familiar with the trees. I've made quite a few watercolors as I have not used the medium in a while and it is a little tricky. While my show was up in February I did do some graphite sketches from my head and then used a wash over them, that flowed very well and I always seemed to achieve some pleasing result but when making something for approval that is a different proposition. It just takes a bit more work and the finished paintings will be oil so I have to let it go. These watercolors are just for composition and color feeling.

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