Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am supposed to be talking about art, 3-25-09

My site, I will be linking my site on every post until I figure out how to link my site on my profile which to me is the dumbest thing ever. What is the point if someone can't get to me in a second. Meanwhile thank you very much blogspot if there was any interest in this millisecond attention span world we live in, it's gone.

Hello. We've stepped off the bitter bus, this is a painter that I have just discovered named Michael Raedecker. I saw the clothesline painting, above at and the other two are in the Saatchi Collection. I think his paintings are amazing and in keeping with the Leipzig painters that I love. So beautiful to look at I could gaze for hours.

I also discovered this woman named Cayce Zavaglia at Lyon Wier Gallery. She paints portraits just under life size with wool. Embroidered with the most amazing varied palette. They must be seen to be believed. It is not embroidery in the neat traditional knot sense she stitches and wraps the thread so tightly that the colors almost blend and the surface becomes relief. The backgrounds are equally interesting I believe they are oil paint as opposed to acrylic. They are neutral Morandi like colors and and the stitching is tightly sewn into the background canvas. The craftsmanship is perfect.

I am thinking about my own work and very excited about my ideas. I fear that my visions can not be equaled with paint but that is my challenge. Here we go.

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