Thursday, March 26, 2009

edited 3-28-09...from 3-26-09

Hello. So yesterday I saw my doctor and he gave me an anti-inflammatory shot and today I think I feel worse. It is very upsetting as it is really getting in the way of doing any work. The pain is located in my back above my right hip. I have never gone through this and I forced myself to get down on the floor and do my meridian stretches. These are stretches that I learned when studying shiatsu a point in my life when I was at my healthiest. It was pretty sad to realize how limited my movement is but if I do them daily I am confident things will turn around.

This image is my only crystal which is so beautiful. It is supposed to be good for friendship which I am all for.

I am going to look for some art blogs today, I've updated my site and it is better than ever, much more concise, so check it out. There is photo of me from James Kennedy's reception that was in early March in Amagansett, NY. You can find it on my press page if you are dieing to see yet another image of me. You know you are. How pathetic am I? It's like that adolescent mentality that you are only worth anything if you are at all famous. Tragically I get that thinking, of course it is a little more than that. I am trying to sell paintings and the only way I am going to reach an audience is if I am out there. Sure I can convince myself to believe anything. The trick is can I get them to believe. Yikes I love my stream-of-conscious thinking, writing. As I've said before it's my blog and if you want to vent start a blog. It is the most rewarding thing ever.

Watched creepy "Red Dragon" last night. So much fun. Feeling better after finally taking some muscle relaxers. I was hesitant because I confused muscle relaxers with pain pills and do not like taking pain medication. Foolish me suffered back pain all for naught.

Hello Susan!!!

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