Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, Aptil 6, 2009

Hello. I feel like a high school girl but again this is my blog. This cute twenty-fourish year old woman is Utada. You would think I have nothing more to write about but I really can't think of anything as I am in the middle of painting my apartment. I have a short sublet this summer and I must prepare for it now as my place has been an artists studio in the true sense of the phrase. I really wanted to post and here we are.

Still no news about my painting job, I have a discussion going with James Kennedy & Bob Bachler of Surface Library about showing some work there in the future.

This spring cleaning that I have been doing is truly a feel good venture. I should do it more often. I've made three trips to Good Will and have another full bag to deliver. I will go through my closet again but lately it has been stuff as opposed to clothes that I am giving to them. I've organized my painting storage area which has given me much more room and access. I'm loving myself and my apartment right now. So off we go. I hope Utada crosses over to the states.

Hi Susan, Love you.

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