Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21, 2009

Hello. The left photo is of a painting in my show called, "non-scientific landscape 1" I've told this story but I will tell again. A month before the show I got a call saying that I need to decide on a title for the show and a tag line? (get me) for some press. I said can I call you back in a couple of hours. I should have been thinking about it but did not think about all. Anyway so I opened the thesaurus and typed some words, phrases and before long I found "natural surroundings" for my installation title and "nonscientific landscapes" for the press. Which I was not sure of but it made me smile, laugh actually. Anyway, I though why not. Be crazy. Back to my point, this painting was named as I was hanging the show and working on the painting list. It is about as random as a painting can get for me so it kind of opened the nonscientific door. I do like the word. I remember as a kid first learning to spell science and being so proud of myself. I digress. this makes some sense to me I hope it does to the masses.

I will stand by it. The rest of this post was written earlier and may be something to avoid.

re: the painting above left, It was this abstract landscape on a 16"x20" wood panel that I lived with for about a year, a few weeks before the show I painted with a palette knife my four willowy birch trees, rather textured but careful. My paint surface is more textured on smaller canvases. The larger I go it seems the thinner my paint gets. If there is to be a build-up I am slower about it. Layers applied and rubbed out leaving some history. The painting on the right is titled "birch portrait oval, tate modern" and is a 16"x20" oval with a nice all over glossy, rich surface.

Just watched Amy Poehler do Christian Siriano. Fierce, hot-mess. She is so brilliant and finishing up with a smile that is so flattering to both of them. Anyway. Fierce. Tranny, tranny. She's a hot-mess tranny who's not a afraid to admit it. OK moving along, I did not know about that character in pop culture. I am grateful to Amy as he should be.

This past Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I sat at the gallery which was great, not a lot of traffic but some and I did get a call that was directed to me so nice surprise. Had a conversation with a woman who really liked the backdrop painting from The Southampton Press feature. So she will visit me out in EH studio.
Have been doing some small watercolors while at the gallery sort of a continuation of things and thinking about what I want to do next. Also getting myself in some kind of order as I have myself out on the Internet more than I ever dreamed and I feel I have to keep track of if. I also realize that online features from a newspaper become dated and gone. I guess you could get something from the paper itself, I am making a hard copy as a record.

John is taking me to Palm Springs mid-March so I guess till then I'll just keep going with the watercolor. I like the scale , small, I've made two rondo I think that is right, anyway round paintings on cheap paper plates with the ridges around. As there are circle canvases in my show I realize I love the circle the oval they are special shapes. Of course we love the large almost square 84"x 64" or square. feel so comfortable standing and working. May it continue. Maybe I'll think about two or four large paintings a year and the rest more manageable. Or fewer canvases that take a little more time. these are old ideas it seems to me. I will just wait and see.

Back to the phone call, I would love to show that painting it is 88"x88"yes a little large. I have thought of cropping but it is out of the question. It hangs in a bedroom taking up the wall beautifully with a bench in front of it, really works. It will take a special person to want such a big painting.

So this is the last week of the show and I hope to be able to motivate people to see it. I've attached another image from the show. James Kennedy and Bob Bachler stopped in this afternoon after getting home from Thailand and I gather enjoyed it, my show that is. You would think there is nothing else going on in the world the way it consumes me. They are the director's of Surface Library Gallery in Springs, East Hampton.

Discovered that Lypsinka has a blog. I am very happy and feel so lucky to be entertained, to read what's going on. Pretty impressive bio. Go John!! Worth a look and them some. John Epperson is doing a benefit with Charles Busch and Whoopi Goldberg. "Legends" also starring Bryan Batt, so wonderful, big fan of such a nice guy. March 23, 2009 @ 8:00 at Town Hall. Benefiting

wow. I thought this was going to be a short, painful well, post anyway, I love ya baby.

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