Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 21, 2009

Hello. Dreary day in NYC. I ran out of coffee so I am forcing myself to drink the endless supply of tea in my kitchen. I do like sugar in my tea so it is a different experience. I'm listening to Johnathan Schwartz Sinatra on Sunday and it would be fine if he did not like the sound of his voice so much but anyway, he's earned his place. He's playing "I've Got You Under My Skin" and He is in true form taking license with the lyric. Classic Frank Ham-bone and that is all I can listen to. so I go over to the am dial and catch "Prairie Home Companion" Can't take that either. Today I have no tolerance to gabbing. On to some ambient noise.

Today I am going to organize myself and prepare to send my last emailing tomorrow. So I need an image, this painting is 36"x36" and pretty straight-forward. The grass background recedes quite nicely I will say. I think there is a welcoming feeling about the trees. I just made a huge batch of popcorn, did not burn a kernel, buttered and salted. My favorite new snack...Mark Bittman likes it.

I went to the Chelsea Flea Market to see if Richard Lambert was there. He is the dealer that I've bought most of my Robert Loughlins from. I wanted to let him know about my show, oh well now I must pick up the phone.

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