Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Hello. So counting down my show is up for eleven more days tomorrow. I have sent out roughly eighty emails and counting to interior designers in hopes of them stopping by or at least clicking on my site. We shall see.

The photo is of me taken for "The Southampton Press" feature sitting in front of my largest painting to date.

I did sell a large painting yesterday. An 84"x54", "Birch Forest" painting. It was exciting to sell another large one. I didn't get what I listed it for but I got a nice price and finding a home for a large painting is more important as it is quite a commitment and someone really has to love it. It is one of four large views form the Grand Canyon photos that I took. Also worth noting is that it is the second birch painting that I sold that was hanging on this particular wall in John's house. It is my lucky wall. I'm convinced things just look good there. You can bet there is another large painting hanging there.

So here we are I am updating my site almost daily tweaking it here and there, improving trying to concentrate on key words that may help finding the site easier. Here we go.

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