Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday November 11, 2008

Hello. It has been a while and I can't seem to post on a regular basis. I am seldom in my apartment at my computer so it is difficult. Soon I will have a laptop so I will be posting on a regular basis and I think things will change for the better regarding my blog and everything in life. How's that, the laptop that changed the world....counting on it.

The image is one of my latest palettes, it started to look like grass so I thought it was becoming a painting. I love when that happens and when I take the next move and call it a painting. It is so easy to lose something and luck when I think to save it.

I am painting out in East Hampton for a couple of days working and just about finishing a large Grass painting. It is 84"x64" and i have posted it in various stages of completion and I am very happy to say that the next time I post it, it will be finished. I did not think it would be a painting that I would be so fond of but it really surprised me and I am very happy that i went with the impulse of the large in your face composition. It is really challenging me and I
m reaching new levels and all that good stuff. I've named it JOAN as in Joan Crawford because it is so glamorous in some way. And thinking of "Mommie Dearest" (as I often do) I can imagine it is the background of Joan's new house. If she had a new house.

More to come....

All the best to everyone.

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