Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Caity!!!

Hello. This is a 48"x48" painting that I made in early 2007, I think anyway it is kind of the feeling of the day in NYC, gray and dreary. I just wrote a rather lengthy letter to my Dad so I kind of feel typed out. I did want to post today so here we go. It is easy to run out of things to say to someone when you are trying to write a few times a week so I just blathered on about my creative process. And after all why should he be spared. You have to understand that my Dad as sweet as he is is not really a conversationalist. When he was younger maybe - no need to even guess on my end. Anyway just not his strong point. He is sweet and funny almost totally deaf so you have to shout everything which makes a letter almost pleasurable. Don't get me wrong the guy has been a jerk through most of his life but I love him. We, his children love him. Yes, Yes Yes, He did the best he could with what he had blah blah blah. Just wish he had more. I feel like Sheky Green in Vegas.

Anyway, the note told him of my process which he knows nothing so I think it will be interesting to him or he is sleeping right now. Actually my Dad is the cutest with the brightest blue eyes. These are definitely his twilight days or months who knows as he has not been so good too himself, he has a wound on his head (I think originally a melanoma) that has been there for over ten years, he has compulsively picked it and needless to say it has not healed. Presently he has some very good care and they try to keep it bandaged and it gets better and then he gets at it again. I took a photo of him the last time I was there without the bandage and it looked like he had the state of Texas on his head. As painful as it is for all involved He has a smile on his face and seems fine. His feet are another issue. Due to lack of circulation form age or a variety of reasons, his scooter which allowed him to get around but stopped him from walking, He needed the scooter as he has Emphysema, after a couple of steps he was winded but that allowed him a break to light a cigarette. Get the picture? Back to the feet, they are in tough shape and he will most likely lose some or all of them. Times like these when it would be great if we had more feet that is. Oh come on, Get over it. Trust me he would be laughing. When I had the conversation about cremation which we (the family) are all in favor of, his comment was fine as long as it's not that hot.

I do love my blog. I have to stop so get to some painting. I am prepping canvas in the city. I plan to make a large landscape for my show. The room that I have will house one large canvas very nicely and some groups of small works so I will hit every price point. I feel very optimistic even though GLAAD rejected my submission. I found out the other day and it was the day that i returned to my apartment after a nine day sublet. When I walked in the apartment the couple said that they loved waking up every morning and seeing that particular painting so that felt good. Listen, I have had rejection and it stings for a few minutes, I get me bitter thoughts out of the way and move on. The problem with these juried things is that they look at a reproduction and my work happens to be stronger in person. This much I know.

So much love to you all out there in ObamaLand and all around the world. Obama Rules. I am so excited I have to feel that if we cna elect a black man named Barak Obama then I can sell a few f*&^%(g paintings. Safe landscape paintings at that.

Exhausted. But so happy.

See you soon. Hey Babs, What's happening??

P.S. Caity is an old friend of mine from High School, a brilliant woman that I feel very lucky to have met back then. She is the daughter of a school teacher, a very smart girl, probably the smartest girl in the school or city of Providence, who just could not make it to home room. If she was awake she was reading. Unless we were together, we were sort of black sheep I guess. I was a young gay kid just discovering this and we were tight. Anyway, last I heard she is in Pasadena in charge of a library happily working with children with her partner of over 25 years Janice the sweetest of women. Hey Janice remember when we went to the Getty?? What a beautiful day.

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