Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello. This is what you find when you leave NYC - toads. Well I guess you can find some in the city as well :)...Central Park, Riverside Park. I took this photo in my sister's backyard in Northern RI where it feels like Fall right now. I took the photo during the summer, I love taking pics of wildlife wherever I see it. The hope is that I will use them as reference in a painting sometime but I' just love collecting my own photos of various living creatures. I've used one image of a hare that I saw with John in Joshua Tree National Park. A huge jack-rabbit.

So I've been invited to be part a group show (five or six artists) at a little gallery in Chelsea from February 1 - 14th 2009. It is almost definite so I feel I can write about it. I will have a small, sweet room about 12'x12' with hard wood floors. I think the ceiling is high enough for my largest painting if I decide to put it in and then all new stuff. I may make all new paintings in the city so I do not have to transport anything from the country. Really excited about making new work - I really want to focus on my grass paintings but find a new look for them take them in a different direction. Maybe some more realistic and some very washy and abstracted with some bits of detail. It is very exciting.

more to come...

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