Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday, October 23. 2008

This is my new favorite site. I think he is an amazing painter click on portfolio and check it out. Such energy, dark and beautiful. So many paintings that I would want to own if I had a wall and were in the market for a painting.

It is a beautiful crisp morning in NYC and I have such gratitude for so many things. Being able to visit my Dad, taking care of the paperwork pertaining to his health issues, having a little visit with Mom, and being back home to resume work.

I started some pencil drawings last night of small grass images. Did a bit of thinking about my potential installation and realizing that if I go with my impulse my work can be very fresh and youthful (and we love that). I also think that if I do a few groups of small works and a couple of larger works say 48"x48" or so. The groups of small works could be random or grid. allow me to hang lots of pictures and give options for small sales.

So I am back it is near one a.m. and I am painting taking a break to eat a bit and have cup number two of strong green tea, better than coffee all around. I feel that whether Bloomberg gets the opportunity to run for a third term and all it entails mean nothing to me. And I do realize that it is very important but I don't like term limits anyway there is always a chance that a candidate will be lousy but it is up to us to vote them out but I want the good candidate to be able to stay.

Yes I am working on one group of (4) 12"x12" grass paintings and (2) 9"x12" grass paintings. also unstretched (2) groups of two grass paintings. They have some potential it is early and I am having fun. It is nice to paint on a stretched canvas, normally or lately rather I work on unstretched canvas tacked on the wall. The edges are clean and it looks finished almost right away. Yeah whatever. I'm trying to edit....this blog.

"If I had known there were going to be so many people on the two sides of me I would have had my nose fixed".

to be continued...

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