Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Hello. I really want to post the above link for anyone who might stumble upon my blog. There is also a link to an article about Palin which I have yet to read. I am so tired of the fact that it is not discussed and he is still referred to as a hero. Give me a fucking break. Hopefully with Cheney having shock therapy people will think of his age and it will be more of a factor to bring McCain down.

I'm so tired of hearing McCain say "My friends". I just listened to Fresh Air and Terry Gross had on a journalist from Alaska, a moderator from Palin's earlier debates. Fascinating how this woman has operated. Prime example of what can happen without oversight. Things that seem little in comparison to some other corrupt politicians but corrupt none-the-less. Anyway I write this but I do not list what she is accused of and some would say that is unfair but I don't feel like typing it. She is unqualified and that is that.

So the painting posted is new and like the one that I submitted to the GLAAD outAction 2008. This painting is 28"x24", oil on canvas, Of course I had some difficulty with my forms not be word documents even though I did them in word. And my image not being 300 dpi which made me want to open a vein. That 300 dpi always gets me. I was going to reach out and try to find out exactly what it means and how to make my image 300dpi but time ran out. At least they received my application and I hand delivered hard copies and the image on a cd. What the fuck more can I do. I'm trying to give a painting to an organization for them to auction that I will not get a red cent from and I have to deal with this bullshit. Ok with that said it really does mean a lot to me if they accept it. I feel the painting is good and can raise a little money for them and some pr for me so I am hopeful.

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