Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello. So today is the day that I would really like to call my struggling painting struggle over, this particular one anyway. No pressure. Anyway I have a clear head and feel excited about the idea of painting so that is a good start. It is another beautiful unseasonably warm day in NYC and that alone is inspiration. It feels good to write my post in the morning when I am freshest as opposed to midnight.

The painting posted is one from my 9"x12" group of monochromatic tropic paintings. These photos were taken at this beautiful resort called Caneel Bay that I was so generously taken to by very close friends back in 2000. The clustered palm trees were so tall and lanky - I've seen a lot of palm trees but none like these. When I say tall they were amazing it seems impossible that they could stand through any hurricane season but there you go. One great story from that trip. We were having lunch in the more elegant of the dining rooms and suddenly the door opened and in walked a radiant Ann Bancroft. It was truly an entrance without being an over the top diva. The smile was amazing and it was a gift to all of us. Truly a wow moment for me. We knew they were there because we shared a cart ride on the grounds with her husband whose voice is unmistakable, I just remember that he was talking about donkeys or mules which were walking around. It may or may not have been a joke but his voice and delivery sound like the lead into a joke. It is coming back to me I think it seemed like they were about to fornicate and as you can imagine the setting was ripe for Mel Brooks. Anyway, it is nice to remember a moment from that great stars life that I had the fortune of sharing.

More to come. Hopefully about art.

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