Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 16. 2008
If you feel like laughing at something that is really not so funny go to this site and scroll around. There are some crazy, creative people out there. Maverick!

Hello. Excuse me but I did not even have to see last nights debate to see that Mary McCain was in a snit. I listened on the radio and it was clear He was is mean spirited festering self. I need to make another shot out to this link, pleezzzee peoples go to it.

I really feel that Obama could have said that he felt Palin was not qualified for the VP position. He is so strong in every way although being honest and smart gives one that power. But he can be a little to nice. It will probably be in his favor but I'll tell you I do not know where gets his patience. That little $*&$)* should be s*^t. I welcome an FBI file - bring it on assholes. I can just hear those ignorant bigots at a McCain rally. Anyway I am all over the place. Move on Louise.

Oh another thing. I have been saying for a while now, what's all this talk about the middle class, who is talking about poor people? I'll tell you who. Ralph Nader. Of course I will never throw my vote away but I heard him on I think it was "News and Notes" the other night and He is the first person to discuss the poor people of this country. I guess if they do not vote than they don't count. It is a pretty nasty, sad state of affairs. Oh I forgot it is all going to trickle down.

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