Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello. I am very happy as today I learned that two people that I know have blogs and it does not feel like such a fictional world out there. They are linked in my blog favorites list, and I recommend checking them out. This painting is from my 9"x12" series of 2004 and it is one of my favs. It is very exciting I will say again to know of two blogs and to have a personal connection to them.

I sent out a mass email regarding checking out my site by way of google in hope of increasing my traffic and there by improving my ranking with search engines. To listen to me you might think I know what the fuck I am talking about. I am beginning to get a vague idea and I will die trying because I am going to lick this system and sell some stupid paintings if it kills me.

So today I was listening to Fresh Air and Josh Brolin was on talking about "W" and can I tell you he has my vote. Seriously though, looks aside he sounds like such a nice guy and very smart. Not that I am one of those people that thinks all actors are stupid. And excuse me I know I am not Einstein but when they get talkin some actors are a little embarrassing. Anyway he is very smart and quite funny and after seeing some previews I think I will def. see the new Oliver Stone Biopic.

My mother left today and John comes home tonight and not a moment to soon. I did have a nice visit with my mom and there are no buts about it. She is a very special lady and as I may have said in previous posts a fabulous die hard liberal and you have to love her for that although there are certainly other reasons.

I am trying to get back to painting and trying to figure out what I want these pictures to look like. I want them to be representational yet I want them to be free and painterly it is a fine line. I have achieved the result before but these pictures that I am working on are not there yet. I just have to keep going as always when I get lost in it something good usually happens. I am tired and must relax a bit and then resume work. I just wanted to check in and report that I have my first new blog friends.

Oh and last night I mentioned that I was listening to Joe Frank on NPR If you don't know he is I guess a kind of performance artist on the radio. He is on sunday nights at eleven o'clock and I love the show. So last night my mother was sleeping or in and out of sleep on the daybed in my studio quite comfortably I might add. Anyway, before the show came on there was the announcement that the show may not be suitable for all audiences because of sexual content or foul language. Well that should have been the warning for me to turn it off. But Nooo. Anyway the character Joe Frank is talking about one of his friends who likes to do some things that I would say maybe two people in the world would even think of. If I relay the story than I think I need to change the settings and have a warning on my blog and I do not want to do that. Maybe I should anyway because I do have a potty mouth. Anyway I was shocked and very discreetly turned the volume down and hoped whe was asleep. Mortified. It was so funny at the same time.

This is not about art and I have to try and stay on topic. right. Most of you rather all of you do not know me but staying on topic has never been one of my strong points. But I'm going to try. Later all of you beautiful people out there in the dark.

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