Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello. I am listening to Joe Frank, He is amazing yet again.

So it is Monday evening and it has been a a very productive day. As I have said I am subletting my apartment for nine days and I have been preparing. It is a good time for me to organize and get my studio together. It is also a good time to rid myself of things that I do not use. It is a challenge because I really do not have much I have a zillion photographs which are personal or references for artwork. I have artwork both mine and other peoples, not things that you get rid of unless for $. I also have clothes which everyone has and I tend to have things for a very long time. It is true that I have things that I have had for ten plus years and have worn very little but they fit and in time I purge. I will try to fill a bag of clothes and things to bring to Goodwill tomorrow. I heard a show on the radio about Thrift Stores and how in bad times they need more donations because there are more people shopping for used garments. I love it and shopped for vintage stuff when I was young in my twenties and thirties but I have gotten less excited about sifting through the crap to find a jewel. It can be fun I guess it is a time thing and then ad the fact that I hate shopping although I do love clothes.

I have been very busy painting and I will be continuing work out in EH. In preparation I have started priming a very large new canvas which I am hoping will be my largest painting made in the city and hopefully will be in my show. (finished I think the paintings dimensions will be 88"x88") It turned out to be a great way to clean the apartment as I work directly on the wall and there are tiny holes everywhere from brads and tacks and paint scuffs and pencil lines so the new canvas covers it all and is primed so it looks clean and intentional. We are very happy.

I gave two very good shiatsu sessions today both regular clients that I have seen for a couple of years. One of them commented that my session has really grown and was amazing. It was a very good feeling as I have been feeling the session is more focused and intentional. There was also a new client that was a no show which I will not discuss because I don't have much positive to say about someone who leaves me hanging, thinking that my time is not important. Or worse not even thinking about the consequences. I did let it go and I wished him no ill will after all the session itself has to be about good karma and something more spiritual on my side otherwise it is not healthy for anyone. Don't I sound nice. Right.

The painting on this post was done in 2007 it is 48"x48", oil on canvas and I do like this one.

I am excited about leaving the city tomorrow but not about leaving John. He is also very busy and traveling so this is as good a time as any to be away. I will also be very concentrated out in the country I may take some Fall Photos, I hope. I purchased a DeLongi electric heater that uses oil, it heats up and is the source for heat, very energy efficient, we shall see.

I am off.

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