Friday, September 5, 2008

RL - a great painter!!!

Nancy Wilson of Heart has come out against the McCain for using their song "Barracuda" without permission. Stating that they do not have common views...

Hello! After Listening to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, reporting on the GOP convention I feel better. I did not know when I first wrote this that Ms. Goodman was arrested after trying to get to two colleagues that had been arrested earlier on Monday, Labor Day. Details at above mentioned site.

I must also say that the acupuncture that I received on Wednesday was helpful in relieving my lower back pain. I am a firm believer in Acupuncturist, Mitchell Wolf. He saved me from going to my doctor, being referred to a specialist meanwhile going here and there paying this one and that one. And for be put on pain killers. Of which I have nothing against but I can do that myself thank you very much. Spoken like the bitter queen that I am.

The Art is by Robert Loughlin. He is a painter whose work I have collected for a couple of years. I purchased my pieces at the Chelsea Market for reasonable prices before he caught on and now has had sales at the Rago Auction house (in New Jersey) for $5000. (see ) I am very excited to be the owner of over twenty excellent pieces of his work. He repeats this image (believed to be that of his boyfriend, in better days) on just about anything he finds or is given and I feel when he is good he is great.

Check out Surface Library Gallery's site. The paintings of James Kennedy and ceramics of Bob Bachler are currently being shown. This is the gallery that showed my work back in April 08.

My friend, Jessica Deane Rosner, had an opening in Rhode Island last night of a group of small paintings in book format, a journal that she has been working on for over a decade now ( in addition to family, other full-time work and creative work) The project has a very interesting history that I encourage you to look into:

My cousin just emailed me in the character of Eve from "All About Eve" you have to love a straight (:)) guy who will quote, rather can quote all of "All About Eve".

Also, my friend Russell alerted me to the recent release of new Grace Jones music. (?? google Grace Jones) I was a big fan back in the day and happy to know that she is alive and hooked up with major talent and looking crazy, hot and beautiful as ever at sixty-something!!! Amazing, Hey Lise, "Black don't crack."

I digress. Anyway things are looking up as I feel better and there is no substitute for feeling good. My goal is to make some discoveries today.

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