Thursday, September 4, 2008

artist reaching out....sharing

I had some acupuncture for a sore lower back yesterday. In case you need or are thinking about acupuncture I recommend Mitchell Wolf. He is an amazing practitioner and guy, gifted in many modalities. Thai Massage, Shiatsu, acupuncture and more. Check him out.

This is a painting that I made in 2007. It is a view of Grand Canyon National Park entering from Flagstaff. It is approx. 60"x50", oil on canvas.
You can see more work visiting my site,
There are other sites that I find interesting linked on my site.

Thinking more and more about the surface of my paintings, helps me to think differently about painting or the act of painting. Instead of just plowing ahead and making a landscape painting. It keeps it more interesting for me - it is easy for me to make a landscape painting that might be a throw-away, I can avoid that by slowing down and thinking about the surface.

Also, looking at other painters is hugely helpful. Even looking at paintings on websites is helpful. Checking out younger painters in hopes of keeping my work fresh. Someone that I just discovered and love is Allison Schulnik. I am constantly reminded that women are the great painters today. I realize it is a generalization and there are always exceptions but our sisters are making some great paintings. I love that on my blog I can swear all I want. Fuck the Christian Right.

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