Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Sept. 15th 2008

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I posted a painting from 2007, titled "Diagonal Dunes" I've painted this composition many times and many different sizes. From a nine panel version (9) 16"x20" canvases, a vertical see site: click on "current work" and scroll down. The shadow and light of the image really intrigued me to paint it over and over. The photo was taken on East Hampton Beach in the early spring of 2007.

I am listening to the radio, news, and trying to think and type at the same time. my apartment is cleaner and I am waiting to hear about a sublet for ten days. So preparing the apartment and....

I just did a layout for a frame that I am putting on a nine panel (coincidentally) painting. It is one of the two nine panel "Banyan Trees". I painted these compositions w/o framing in mind but this couple want a frame so I have to make it work. I also want to have a good photo for my website Yes I forgot about my installation page on my site. It is one of my favorite pages actually. Okay I realize that I am repeating myself on this post. The frame will be a Low Lustre Black. 3/4" grid frame. It really does have potential but I have to execute it so...

Anyway, I think I will use maple or oak for the frame, I feel I must use a hard wood....Wow Fresh Air is doing a special on a writer named David Foster Wallace who apparently hanged himself last week at 46, in an interview from 1997. He was a real downer. Smart and so intense. He was almost pro tennis player from age 13 - 15. It was a beautiful segment from the interview.

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