Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday Sept. 14, 2008 NYC

Hello All! This photo is a view of Banyan Trees from Florida. They have been an inspiration to me ever since discovering them a year ago. A truly amazing tree that grows up and out, limbs growing up then down and rooting and becoming part of the tree. The photo was taken at a resort in Boca with beautiful specimens.

I just cut and pasted the blogtopsites logo and with it the photo from a previous post. Oh well. Took the train back from EH and now in the city. Hope to do some good work on linking up my blog over the next week. That is a goal and to also try linking up my site. http:// www.markperry.org and searching out other blogs and site. http://www.conorfoy.com was a site that I found and liked. Trying to think about my next bit of work. I have large primed canvas and paper ready and I feel a little excited about it. I keep going back to Grass. Joe Frank just stared on NPR What luck. Will try and talk about it after. http://carolmarine.blogspot.com/ great painter just discovered.

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