Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Sept 18, 2008

So tonight is the opening of an old (although he is very young) friend of mine Jared Buckhiester at the Envoy Gallery. His work is very sensitive and fine. Pencil drawing for the most part of boys being boys. I would love to own one but we shall see. He likes a couple of paintings of mine so maybe we can still make a trade. This is the beginning of gallery season and I plan to see a lot of work.

The painting on the post is "Birch Forest" from 2007, 62"x50", oil on canvas, from a photo taken approaching "The Grand Canyon National Park" from Flagstaff. I took just two or three photos of the birch trees and have revisited these images a few times. This was the first and most challenging. I did a nine panel version on wood panel and sold it right away. i really wanted to live with it for a bit and was surprised when it sold so quickly. The couple that bought it also bought a 48"x48" dune painting and while they were looking at the work they said that they really did not feel that the grid idea was for them. I showed them the nine panel painting and they very soon changed their minds and went with the grid Birch painting. That was the ultimate form of flattery for me. I kind of feel that a painter knows when something is good and I really felt that the birch on wood panel was a good one. It was a challenge and I really worked it until I felt it was finished. That was a good feeling...calling it finished.

See you later.

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