Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend - Time to relax???

Hello. In my life there never seems to be time to relax. I have to force myself to chill out and do nothing. I think that is common with artists - feeling like they always need to be working. If I'm not working I feel like I'm missing out on making the next great painting. With that said today I am better at staying in the moment and enjoying where I am in life. But I do always feel like I should be in the studio. Well of course you say an artist should be in the studio.   Thank you very much!

So moving along. These two new paintings are from a panel divided into nine 24"x26" paintings. They are two of the more obvious landscape pieces. The others are varied and some crazy allowing impulse to take over at the risk of failure. Without risk I will end up making pretty landscape paintings which is no longer my goal. Ask me what my goal is and I will say to make an interesting painting that is not bogged down in my preconceived notion of what a painting should be. After all what should a painting be?????

Back to the "time in the studio" issue. To be a well rounded human being one has to spend time with other human beings working on relationships.....and living. So it's making the two work. Other careers are different in that "normal" people understand that there is a time for work and a time for play and spending time with others. I don't mean to generalize and assume that other artists are as narrow as myself (I would like to think of myself as focused) it is increasingly difficult to justify things that take me from art-making. With that said let me clarify that I do wish to be part of the human race and have wonderful relationships with my love and friends. But.....

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