Monday, May 21, 2012

Dreary Monday on Long Island

Hello. That's what it is alright. So I'm in the store after a night in the studio. It was good although the same feelings come up all the time I'm back and forth it's great it's shit. Well what is it? Maybe a little of both. 

There is a holiday weekend approaching. These weekends always leave me wanting more. More time in the studio that is. But this year I'm doing things differently I'm going to enjoy being social. I have to work out the time issue though because all play and no work makes Mark kind of crazy angry and that is what I'm trying to avoid. Feeling like a spinning top.

I'm at home now in the studio and  thinking about something that has me a little bugged. In the business world when someone comes after you interested in what you have and then lets the ball drop and is out of the picture - how is that handled? I guess you let it go or pursue but then run the risk of being told to %^&#$ off. ?

Well in the Art world which I am not by the way - just a humble artist trying desperately to sell a painting I don't think things are that different. Except the feelings. Someone responded to me and has since let the ball drop. I've sent an email and have seen no response. It's all I can do I guess. This has happened before and maybe it is the way it goes. It does not make it any easier.

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