Sunday, April 1, 2012

A new day. They all have potential to be great....don't they?

Hello. I am out in East Hampton where I live, sometimes with the struggle of life being an artist and life's other responsibilities it's easy to forget the paradise I live in. I'm talking about the house on the acre that I live in/on. With spring close and things starting to grow it is easier to see how amazing it is. Also getting up on Sunday morning and having the luxury of sitting with a cup of coffee writing and looking out the window at trees. Life is so fragile and short that it is really a blessing to be able to stay focused on how precious it all is. To be able to feel present is no small thing.

I'm thinking about my work and how things change from day to day in the studio. Talking about my moods the time spent there the concentration level. How can I make it better? How can I focus on the big picture? I guess I've always focused on what I am doing right now not thinking about what's next. In a sense that is living in the moment right? which is what I want but I feel regarding my painting I need to think about something broader, the bigger picture. What would an exhibition look like? Not that I am planning one but I guess I should be. It might help me to think about what the f I am saying. What would an exhibition of Mark Perry's work look like today? I think that sounds like a good approach. Can't hurt. 

I've made promises to a good old friend about a young college age guy that she is very close to. He is in NY at Pratt I think studying painting for a semester and I said that I would check in on him. I haven't. It's not to late He is here till June so I can still rectify the situation. At least call the guy and touch base. I have made contact early on but then life got in the way and people may not know that I am a handful and have my own issues regarding time and the lack there of. Anyway a very boring excuse for not checking in on this young guy. There is always fb.

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