Thursday, March 1, 2012 helps.

Hello. Yes I am just about recovered from a head cold. It never amounted to anything more than an annoyance but it has kept me from the studio. I did just exercise a bit - the first time in a couple of days and that felt good. It was a month and a half ago that I came down with a head cold and got on antibiotics immediately as I feared getting really sick. This time I didn't, let it run its course and luckily it has almost done after four days. Granted one day I spent almost entirely in bed which helped but life is busy so it is so easy to overdue and difficult to spend a day in bed. 

So what all of this means is I've done no painting, just worked on letters and tweaking my site. I do look forward to getting back to work. I'm thinking tomorrow will be good. I recently saw a video if Kiki Smith working on small things talking and drawing - it's what I need to do. I need to think about small works that can always be picked up and worked on. It was very inspiring as I learned that she is self-taught, which I never would have guessed. It is encouraging to see someone with such positive energy and loving work. That is a very healthy reference indeed.

This is a detail of a new painting which i like but maybe overworked. It's done so that's that. 

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