Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three solid studio days approaching.

Friday the 27th, What would we do without wonderful neighbors. I have one such neighbor. She is beautiful through and through. Not just for what she does for me although that is what I am referring to right now. My washing machine has been down for a while and I went to Laundromats for a while until I broke down and asked if I could use her machine. No questions asked told me how to get in the house on and on. So I am quite grateful for Miss Katy for making my life less hectic.

Hello. Yes I am very excited about the prospect of three solid days in the studio. Of course things come up but I am going to try to concentrate on work.

I recently dropped a painting off at Nest Interiors, before dropping I made a copy and after a few days looking at the copy - it is its own painting. I am quite pleased as it shows a direction for me.

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