Monday, January 30, 2012

Asking for what you want....can be risky.

Hello. Yes asking for what you want comes with risk. I recently asked a friend a favor. Without going into details it involves him doing something for me, he has already done a lot for me. In the past He has asked me to be part of shows this time I am requesting to be part of one. I put the request in the form of a letter which was professional and I've heard nothing yet. I felt the letter gave him the opportunity to read and think without feeling on the spot. There is a possibility that he did not get the email but I think that is doubtful. I guess if I do not hear from him by tomorrow afternoon than I shall call as it is a timely thing.

In a way it is asking a lot but there is a possibility that it could bring some return$ for him for the first time. The past shows with him took place in venues that did not get traffic and you can't sell paintings by unknowns without getting lots of people through the door. This time could be different...we shall see. There is a very strong possibility that it is not an option but I had to ask this favor.

I got up early this morning and did some work before going to work at the store. I am on the schedule Mon - Wed. this week. After work and dinner tonight I watched a bit of The Ed Show and then went down to the studio and threw some paint around. I was pretty exhausted but really glad I did it. You never know what may come about no matter how tired you are. Of course there is the risk of making a bad mess but to hell with that.   Life is full of risks...isn't it? 

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