Monday, January 9, 2012

Another good start.

Hello.  This painting is a new one, about 34"x48" it appears a bit brighter as a result of my editing.

I managed to wake early and get to the studio before heading to work. It was only an hour but a quality hour. I threw caution and paint to the wind. After two cups of coffee I did some exercise which is making me feel much better. I'm on a bit of a roll and have some consistency, the old body is grateful. I also had to drop the car to be checked then walked home. Thought about the fact that I live in a beautiful place and never walk. John and I seldom if ever go for a walk. That should change! I have to commit to that not just for the exercise factor but the sun and fresh air. So important. 

The store is slow regrettably so I may begin some works on paper. It is a part of my current body of work that is neglected - going straight to canvas as I do. The goal is to have work to submit to flat-files at Pierogi Gallery and another that I can't think of right now. What do they say, You have to be in it to win it? Well.....

I made some minor changes to the painting dedicated to Jeanne, I think it is finished so I will shoot and post soon. Also thinking about my regrettable photography, I'm disappointed with the results I am getting so I have to experiment. Of course editing in  iphoto improves the color, brightens the white and makes things truer. Anyway just a thought, there must be something I can do to tweak my photo results. 

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