Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tonight we shall see.

Hello. I've had a good start in the studio after ending work at  three. Just finished coat two of primer on canvas and thinking about what my next move is over coffee.

I wish I didn't post so hastily on fb it can be deadly. I put these rather opinionated posts up then feel bad and take them down. I also put optimistic posts up and that is good, mostly art related. My negative posts aren't untrue just not really necessary in this grim world we live in. Unless they are about living politicians with a small "p" who are bad. Then all bests are off and I will nail you to the cross with your bad moves. I'm just posting what is already known anyway along with my two cents. Wait a minute five cents. I won't be short changed on my own blog. For Jesus Christ sakes.He's not the Lord so I can take his name in vain.

Anyway I digress, Painting is a challenge today, maybe I'm tired and out of ideas for the night. May try to push some paint around after doing an errand, maybe before. I like what I'm doing but I haven't felt WOWED yet. Maybe it will not happen with every painting. Lot's of pressure to put on a piece of cloth and color.  Oh and did I mention my shoulders.

I do hold out hope that all of my paintings will have something extra. The group I am currently thinking about are abstract landscapes. I feel they are not finished but what is left to do is not something I wish, at this moment anyway to do hastily. I find I am really looking and waiting to see what is next for them. Imagery is out I want them to stand on their own. There is a voice in my head telling me from time to time when I am making paintings like these that I need to step back into 2011 and out of the Nineteen Thirties - Forties. Again I say I can only make the paintings I am making. 

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