Friday, November 11, 2011

Saw de Kooning for my birthday.

Hello. Yes I went to MOMA and saw The Master. That is not a stretch in any sense of the word. His bravura brushwork and brilliant decisions, I did not see one miss all hits. I don't care so much for the bronze figures but I did like the smaller versions as opposed to the large one I've seen which has bored me but I am sure I will grow to love it now. As I type I suddenly feel love for them... I've been put off by de Kooning sculpture because of an installation of a large figure in the center of town that is so bad the work looks like a hunk of black an afterthought stuck off to the side of a building in front of bushes anyway I need to move on. My ideal installation of a large de Kooning figure would be:

Grass is fine as long as it's tended, fifteen feet or more all around.  It needs an open space,  with room for it to have at least a couple of views with nothing but ground and sky as a backdrop and one view with ground, tree and sky. Someday I hope to see one installed properly...I'll look into it actually.

I've know a bit of de Kooning's work and of course have loved it but I was not expecting to feel such a connection and to see the huge influence He has had on my work. Looking at the work alone as I have not read anything about him really, just in relation to Pollack which is going to change there is a very good biography from a few years back I think. Yes. Anyway  looking my work and process I have organically followed some of his approaches, methods. I can only say that I was humbled in the company of His paintings. Feeling the emotion, strength, incredible fluid decision making, and yet the underlying feeling I take away is freedom.

He must have been an animal, a stallion, a stag. I do look forward to getting to know Master de Kooning. I really can't believe the effect He has had on me. Being awe struck upon entering a room and turning to see paintings that took my breath away.  Thrilled to be really moved, most importantly that's it. I haven't felt that way looking at work in a while granted I haven't really looked at work in a while which is going to change over this winter season. It inspired work and I will steal from him so happily...letting it happen. Freedom is my goal I knew it and have had glimpses of it and want that approach to be my method. It's about feeling comfortable with the tools, brush, rag, knife in my opinion, having them feel like an extension of my hand which comes more and more with age.  


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