Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Hello. I took my title away but did not want to forget it. The image is the art of Robert Loughlin who was tragically killed on a NJ thoroughfare on September 29th. I think it was the 29th. I discovered this while goggling him to see how his work was doing. I do this form time to time but had not done it in a while as my work of his has been stored in my apartment and out of sight sometimes means out of mind. Anyway, while goggling I discovered that had been a book published and very excited about that i ordered it and then put in some other search words and up came a new post "Robert Loughlin dead at 62" It was an amazing coincidence and one that I will never forget. So I've thought of little else and have had email correspondence with his lover Gary Carlson of thirty-one  years which was a wonderful sweet surprise.

This image is on a lampshade that I have, here is a link to his obituary.

There was so much to this man and I knew so little but I guess that is the way it is sometimes.

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