Monday, June 20, 2011

Almost missed June.

Hello. Here we are June 20th and this is my first June post. In the studio tonight beginning work on one of four new paintings. Revisiting an old theme with fresh eyes. It is a subject that has sold a few paintings and one that I still find interesting so lucky me.

I'm really out of sorts about the former NY Giants jerk David Tyree coming out against Gay Marriage. This is a former imprisoned drug dealer born again Christian. What gives some people the right to think they know the way outside of ignorance.  My fifty year old ass is really trying to not have a meltdown and then something like this asshole comes along.  He had the nerve to say that he would give back his career if it would guarantee that gays would never have the right to marriage. What a stupid jerk. Empty promises jerk-face. This has the potential to bring me down...and I'm working on being optimistic. 

I also found out, from not hearing anything as is the way with these things that I did not get a certain bit of recognition regarding my work. I will not go into the details except to say that it  is a big deal. Of course in my head I knew that it would not happen. I did have hopes of course or I would not have entered but I was crazy to entertain any hopes of winning. There is the distinct possibility that my work is just mediocre and accepting this would be the first step to moving on.

I've recently seen a doctor and had some blood work done to find out that I am deficient in Vitamin D and have high thyroid level, whatever that means. I will not get on medications if there is a chance of fixing the problem with diet which is the plan. Evidently low vitamin D can result in depression among other things so there it is. Of course my issues stem from more than a lack of vitamin D. Lord knows that and I'm not at ALL religious.

 I'm so fed up with people who wish to impose their narrow minded beliefs on others.

That is all for today. Enough don't you think? 

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