Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is more important than art?

How's that for a silly question. Of course many things are more important than "Art". Life for instance, people, animals yes life is more important. But I would not want to be here without art. I guess if we did not know about art we would not miss it. What am I talking about? I guess what I'm thinking is that I am consumed with art and painting in particular. I'm great at looking at art and knowing what's good, as arrogant as that sounds. And I'm somewhat good at making's life that I suck at if I may be so rude.

I am on a mission like never before to try and sell my work. I'm sending out a mailing that I will be adding to on a weekly basis and doing whatever I can going forward to get my work out. I'm looking at the weekly listings of property buyers which are listed in the local papers for the public viewing. The idea is that they may be shopping for art? It's a plan.

Of course there are voices in my head telling me that I have to do some work in order to sell work. All nuts by the way I do have a full body of work to look at. I have been away from the studio for a month plus working in my store so the work feels alien to me. All just feelings. So I am moving on form them. Tomorrow, Friday I have the day off and Saturday and Sunday so I have some time in the studio to get busy.

On a different note what is going on with the government today is out of control. I'm listening to the radio and they are saying it costs tens of millions of dollars to shut down the government and the same to start it up again.

I should go down to the studio but I'm tired after a long day and it is cold and would have to be wormed up and it's nine thirty. So call me lazy but it seems to late to start.

As an aside can I just say that I intensely dislike the Teaparty and everything that they stand for.

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