Friday, March 25, 2011

Here I am, life is full.

Hello. I have been away since March 9th and my plan is to post more regularly, oh well no pressure. My good friends out in EH are closing their gallery Surface Library Gallery and it will be missed in the community. Times are really hard and art is the first thing most people will stop buying. I mean lets face it we can all live without art....but we wouldn't want to.

This image is Springs where I live. Not "The Springs" they just refer to it as Springs. It used to annoy me but really I need to get over myself. The reason I posted it is because I need to have a little gratitude for living minutes away from such a beautiful spot when I think about the world today and how vulnerable we all are because of what we've created on this planet.

I am working on a commission for good friends. At this point it is in the drawing, planning stage and I am having some fun. Tonight is Friday night, I have tomorrow off so it is great to have a chunk of time to work.

The store is doing a bit better, sales are still down as the season has not begun but soon things will improve. I showed the house today as we are renting a month this summer and it looks like July to a couple with two children. They come with good references which is very important as well I don't need to explain that. I will lose my studio for a month and not be able to participate in the summer studio tour, unless I do it from where we will be staying which is certainly an option. We shall see.

My studio visit has been moved to early April which is better for both of us and even then I have so much to do in preparation but it will come together. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and be counted. I've been posting artwork on my fb page pretty constantly. Not mine, others art which I've been scouring the Internet. It is a blast looking for paintings. See you later.

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