Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night overnight back to city tomorrow

Hello. I am in the country for an overnight and back in the city for the weekend tomorrow. I have a party to attend Saturday night and then a friend is in a group show in Long Island City with a Sunday reception then back out to EH. Yes very busy.

I came to the country today to finally start some painting and that is what I did. I broke the ice with some small works and primed lots of small pieces of paper for some studies. The idea is to work out the ideas on paper then dive onto canvas. I started with the canvas and then worked on the paper. Oh well it is fine as it turns out and I did make some realizations about my process. When I work small I can very easily overwork things. I'm trying not to look at it as a problem just an observation. Things are as they are and I do what I do so I can make the decision to approach things differently and move on from things before I overwork them or...

The three small things that I have started are landscapes basically that evolved from moving the paint around. There are some verticals dividing the small works which ultimately become trees and there is some distance resulting from rubbing out the first layers. I am discovering that I like this technique and there are many possibilities for picture making and creating space. That saying paintings come from painting is so true and I look forward to seeing what happens this go round.

I think I will be taking more hours in my store as things are slow and it just makes sense. I am not worried about the time away form the studio I will just have to get down there when I am not working. It might be good for me on many levels. To see how much I can get done with limited time could be a challenge and I am up for it. Yes I will be tired but again I think something positive might actually happen as a result. For one thing I will not think about showing the work I will just think about making it. I really just want to get to the studio when time allows and make work. When the time is right to put it out there I will do it. My experience has been that the returns do not justify the work involved in putting it out there. No sales have resulted from the shows I've had. I've sold more work form studio visits and my website. I've sever sold a painting from a show or venue as a matter of fact. It's because I've never had a big enough audience. My response has been wonderful just can't seem to get the bodies in. Whatever the reason, lousy economy, bad publicity, lousy sales representation it doesn't matter I'm through thinking about it for a while. My healthiest decision in a while I think. Now if I could just stop thinking about the chocolate downstairs or something salty to munch on. That is my challenge. I may lose that battle.

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