Sunday, January 23, 2011

We are all champions if we try.

So I'm in the studio having completed one coat of primer on Three panels. Looking at my large painting called, "Pacific Coast, Big Sur, 2010. After being away form it for a while I see that there is more work to do. I want to fade some things out and make other things pop. Overall I am pleased with it so it is just some touch-up.

These images are photos that I have taken from 2007 anyway I think they are nice and like to look at them. They are local the left looking west from Napeague L.I. The right East Hampton beach dunes.

Hello. I have to feel that way. It is all a part of me trying to be more open, kind, sensitive and accepting of all and all things. For me acceptance is also the ability to reject what is negative and not healthy for me. I choose to not hear the political rhetoric for a while at least. I need to concentrate on the beauty in life as I prepare to make art.

My studio is shaping up and feels like a creative sacred place. I'm listening to instrumental chamber music which can be annoying and boring to me, at times but today it is quite brilliant. I am about to hang a new 96"x96" canvas panel for a new painting of paintings whatever I decide. I just hung my "Pacific Coast" painting on the back of "The Mist" on my hanging system so it is out of the way and soon I will be surrounded by white which for me is a great way to begin new work. Life can be great I feel very sober and lucky.

Thinking of Jeanne and Michael, two artists that the world lost recently and how I owe it to them to create as much as possible. I have the time and luck to be here so there it is. Time really is the most precious thing. Who are we and what and how have we come this far. I'm sitting in a huge enclosed peaceful space made to creativity listening to this box with sound and about to make things that nobody needs never but at the same time we all need. thinking of the most simple marks that I can make to start a painting. When in the past I required so much more of an idea for work today lines drawn a certain way creating space leading to something more or not is my thought process. It amazes me.

Off topic, yesterday I took a phone call that happened to be from a Democratic Fundraiser. I said after the beginning of his opening line that I was not in a position to donate at this time. He said with a rather strong, tired of me tone "Would I be prepared in four weeks?" I said again that I can not say and He came back again with the tone "Can we count on you in four weeks?" I'm not kidding here. Telling me Obama needs my support and the campaign is approaching. I finally said "Excuse me this is harassment I'm an artist and how dare you". Dead silence for a second then he came back apologizing. To which said thank you very much and hung up. I was really annoyed and offended on so many levels.

1. How many elderly people do they guilt into donating when they can barely afford their heating bill.
2. How dare he make me feel bad about not being able to assist the Dems.
3. I am really fed up with the lack of Campaign Finance Spending, something has to be done.

The funding that they need to run a campaign is obscene and should be changed immediately. They should do away with TV commercials and return to basic on the street get out the vote action. The millions spent and I mean hundreds of millions is sick and could assist the needy on so many levels. What has happened to us?

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