Monday, January 24, 2011

Procrastinating and then finding gratitude

Hello. I have been procrastinating surprise surprise, on sending thank you follow up notes to galleries that John visited in Las Vegas and San Diego in early January. Meanwhile it took all of a couple of hours and it is done so there you go.

It is bitter like a few degrees below zero here in NY and I am inside till the thaw. There appears to be no wind though which is amazing as it usually goes hand in hand. Maybe the calm before the storm. Always the optimist.

Anyway, I did get a first coat of primer on three surfaces in y studio yesterday and now will do the second coat. As I have complained about in the past it is a physical job and it can wear me out but it needs to be done and I am happy to report that yesterday it wasn't so bad. I am also preparing to start a new smaller version of my "Rose"painting for a friend to give to his mother. I am pleased as I might not have thought of doing a smaller version and it could be something that is very salable as people really respond to "The Rose" but not everyone wants to commit to 94"x76" surprise surprise.

Saw "The Kings Speech" last night and was totally moved by the acting across the board. Amazingly beautiful.

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