Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday January 16, 2011

This image is a close-up of my palette from a while ago. Not a real painting and no longer in existence but interesting none-the-less, to me anyway.

Hello. I have not been in the studio and feel that with my busy schedule I can't just go down there and start anything but that is a mistake. I might go down and break the ice. I feel I need a nice chunk of time to spend but if I go down and start the cleaning process which is what I do before getting to work I will be ahead of the game. The other thing is the temperature which is going below freezing tonight so the studio is not the warmest place to be.

John and I awoke to no heat this morning and discovered out tank was empty. The oil company claimed they came and could not get up the hill due to ice which is fine but a phone call to alert us would have been helpful. It is bullshit actually. We have an automatic fill contract and you would expect that they would call if the delivery was impossible. If we were not here for a while and the heat was off the pipes could freeze and we are up the creek w/o. It is really a rotten situation we found ourselves in. So we called a competitor and they came within the hour with twenty gallons to get us going.

Then the rotten part really started. The former oil company showed up and I informed them that we are with another company. Not very happy the guy got in the truck and attempted to leave. After several back and forth attempts to back out of our snowy, icy drive he got stuck against a large beautiful rock destroying one of our light fixtures in the process.

He did not want to talk to me as we are no longer customers, well after telling me that we have no idea what it's like to work seventy hours a week (meaning I don't do a lick of work) and calling me a liberal while getting in his truck. To which I replied he had no right to assume anything about me as he does not know me. Also telling me that he attempted to deliver the oil earlier in the week but could not get up the hill. To which I said why did you not call or your company call to tell us that they could not get up the hill and make the delivery. No response.

So the day goes by and he is wedged on an angle, a large oil truck in the yard just running and running, can't think of the word for a car running. Anyway, two hours later a back-hoe comes to assist in getting him dislodged. He gets dislodged pulls up further in the drive to turn around. Great. In the process taking out another light then finally leaving after taking photos of the yard where he was stuck. I have also taken photos of the broken light fixtures one with a large oil truck wheel next to it.

OK maybe we should have had sanded the hill and drive but sand does not appear magically or for free. Nor does it get plowed for free. It is a private road and we are the only house of four that are out here so it is us that has to pay. Fine. But the first storm while we were away left ice all over then the next storm freezing snow so it is a mess and no thaw in sight.

What really got me was the angry oil delivery guy. I felt threatened and the worst part was I wanted him to hit me so I could hit him back. Not very nice I know as he probably would have hurt me but he was a jerk and at the same time I understand where he was coming from but we are not the enemy just the customer or victim.

This has been a boring post I know but kind of sums up yet another day in the life of a depressant. (I know the drug is the depressant but I think it can also refer to the person??) And who cares it's my blog. I almost had the term for leaving the car running it was on the tip of my tongue.

I'm making some beautiful hot and sweet sausages with peppers some big chunks of garlic and I've thrown in some small yukon gold fingerling potatoes chunked up. My thought is that the potatoes will break down and thicken the sauce which is for pasta.

I've been cooking in a way that is quite different for me ever since Christmas when we bought ourselves a juicer. I've been buying more vegetables and fruits than ever and in turn ginger and on and on. So last night I made chicken with ginger which I've never done. I'm a decent cook but pretty boring and that is over. Maybe this will make me happy. I'm really trying but for some reason my head has been struggling with day to day life. I'm not suicidal or anything just slow and rather sad. Maybe it's winter, not being in the studio, getting older, you decide.

With that said life is great and I'm acting as if. I get up so some stretching, and get on with the day. Yes you guessed it crazy.

R.I.P. Jeanne Risica you lovely woman. I miss you even though we didn't see each other for a long time. Your presence was felt and lives on through your beautiful art.

Idling. thank you senior moment.

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