Friday, January 28, 2011

More snow on its way they say...

Hello. It is true I think they are still forecasting more snow. It is tiresome at this point...I don't know how people survive in places further North covered from November till April. Seriously I would move....or take a pill.

All the animals are freaking out as well. I was walking up the hill yesterday as the car can't navigate the shit and I heard a bird in distress. I can only assume it has something to do with mounds of snow everywhere weighing down the trees and covering everything. Also the deer are walking around more aimlessly then normal without much to nibble on. I'm kidding as I know they walk with purpose, for food of course.

Anyway, I'm tired of it. I have drifts all around me with no thaw in sight. I have some errands to do this morning and then I am in the studio. Trying to act like I care which is my challenge today as I have the blahs. I feel fat, old and bored. I had an elementary school teacher who had the original line "If you are bored you are boring" Is that the most annoying thing you've heard or what? A nun mind you. Of course she was kind of right (I say was because she must be dead by now) but I am not boring and yet I'm bored. Maybe I'm sublimely delusional. That's a terrible thought after all these years of thinking, hoping, desperately holding onto the hope that I am exciting and have something to offer, that I'm amazing only to discover that I'm ordinary.

Deal with it. Get in the studio and pretend you never contemplated any of this. Word for the day "delusional". Spell delusional boys and girls, d-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-a-l. Now use delusional in a sentence. "It's such a beautiful day and I'm going to make a painting". I chose to act delusional instead of the sentence Boys and Girls and it's my blog after all. Thank you.

n 1. a mistaken or misleading opinion, idea, belief, etc: he has delusions of grandeur 2. psychiatry illusion See also hallucination a belief held in the face of evidence to the contrary, that is resistant to all reason 3. the act of deluding or state of being deluded


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