Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It looks like snow but rain is forecast

Hello. It is surprising to me that rain is in the forecast as it looks like snow for sure. We shall see. I watched the President last night and if anyone can inspire hope it's President Obama. The Republican Paul Ryan gave it a negative spin but he is not a hope builder he is a racist who would undo everything positive accomplished by the current administration. He would stop at nothing till women resort to back alleys and gays back in the closet and blacks where they belong. He is a good talking head though, as far as looks he's got them so if they can keep him in check he is their man no doubt and that is scary as hell.

Such negativity I'd like to start the day off with something positive and creative. My facebook page has become a list of links exposing the GOP and Tea Party. It's not like I am putting anything new up as it is all from news sources but it is easy to not hear this stuff if you are not tuned in and who can blame people for tuning out.

Today I am working at the store, off tomorrow and back in the studio. I need to prepare for the storm today as driving tomorrow may not be an option. For the rest of the week actually if what they are predicting is any kind of reality. There's snow in the forecast for the next three days, maybe I should take it s little seriously. It has been a relentless winter so far I must say with ice on the ground for weeks and no sign of melting. Last night I fell going up the hill, the legs went right out from under me and the first thing I thought of was my mother should not go outside. Walking that is, getting some fresh air in the doorway is another thing. I do believe we need to get fresh air in our lungs, open up the door stand there and breathe it in.

The fall kind of shook me as my hands were already frozen as I forgot my gloves at the store and was carrying bags and briefcase. While going down in that split second I thought Oh this isn't bad but it quickly turned to oh this is bad as I kept sliding on this patch of ice. Right on my side. I got up quickly and luckily was close to the house but it hurt and soon after I felt a strange sensation between my legs which like of freaked me out bit I ignored it and it passed. I spoke with my sister and we exchanged fall stories and she told me that she fell walking the dog and went right down on her back hitting her head on the road. She said she just laid there looking up and around wondering if everything was OK moving slowly and luckily she is fine and had a hat and hood on her head. Walking on ice is dangerous.

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