Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

Hello. I feel talking about art is so trivial at this point in time. It is my topic of choice as I don't feel I have much else to say on any other topic or quite frankly that anything else is worth talking about. Call me narrow minded and I will answer. With that said fasten your seat belts.

It's cold in NY and I have been OK with it till recently like this morning when I awoke to flurries. Not very funny thank you very much. But I'm not angry I'm grateful for the day and what is possible. Right. Anyway enough of that gay upbeat talk. I'm pissed off actually. I found out that my phone company , Verizon supports Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma who issued death threats to Doctors who provide abortions. What kind of country is this. Why is it legal for someone in a public office to make that blatant threat when Doctors who provide abortions have been assassinated already. It's no joke. He has no intention of killing anyone just putting the idea into some unbalanced mind. I think He should be held accountable and certainly not be able to hold a public office. This country is fucked up and I am not happy. I am all for freedom of speech and I realize it must be protected but there are limits and no matter what political party you align yourself with words of this nature are dangerous and should not be tolerated in a civilized society. Last time I checked we lived in a civilized society. The Party of No has really taken things to the extreme at this point in time.

Of course I wrote this rant but I feel I must sign it to really stand behind what I say. Come and get me you horrible Tea Party/Republican Politicians with little or no conscience or fucking brains for that matter. I'm scared. Bitter?? you haven't experienced bitter until you've experienced "bitter and old" party of one.

Signed, Mark Perry NY.

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