Friday, October 8, 2010

In the city for three days

Hello. This is a photo I took yesterday at Maidstone Beach in Springs, not the Springs but Springs. I get it now but the Springs but I guess there are no springs anyway. It is a small pool of water along the waterline if that makes sense. The body of water is right at the top of the image cut off a bit. The color of the water is the way it is every Autumn, rich and dark.

I am thinking about well actually more than thinking about I am painting some representational pictures and having a blast. I need to draw something after being around representational work for a while and making abstracted paintings makes me long for some of that skill. I am really loving the brush after using a palette knife of one kind or another for what seems like a couple years. I have the tendency to draw with it though and my plan is to try to pick up the paint and put it where it belongs and move on. I need to use a larger brush I guess. I am seeing that there is less waste with a brush. With a knife I mix a pile and scrape it up and keep going. It is a totally different thing of course. The waste is when I scrape off the excess from the painting surface. The rag gets it all. That's not good.

So yes I am inspired to look at the landscape again. I want to make something you can go into. But I feel the same way about the abstract landscapes looking for a place to go. So I am gathering some reference material and seeing some beautiful nature.

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