Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great story to tell

Hello. Listen to this.

Yesterday when I was closing the trunk of John's car I noticed something was off. Quite literally there as a screw missing on one side so it was off balance and would not close properly. Each side has two hex head metric screws as it is not American. This is fascinating right? Wait the amazing part has yet to come.

I learned that there are two kinds of screw threads. Our kind here in America and the other kind from Europe. Metric. Anyway I thought I would match up a screw and solve the problem till we could get a proper fancy car screw. I did get what i think will work, the guy said so.

So after some errands and on and on I get home unload the car get all of my crazy ass pumpkins out of the trunk and try to replace the screw. My screw is not a hex head screw but a regular American flat head screw. The car had a built in toolbox under the trunk hood and in it ther is a flat head screwdriver. How convenient but weird right?

Back to my story. First I replace the screw that I took to get the right size and then to replace the missing one. I place the washer on the screw and attempt to put it in the hole, it is a tight place as it is the bottom screw and the hinge is right there so.... Anyway annoying I go to the whole and drop the screw and the washer more annoying right as the driveway is small stones and I am blind. So I focus and bend down and pick up the screw and a black thing that looks just like the missing screw. Do you believe it. The crazy thing is that I bent over to pick up the dropped screw and picked them both up within a second of each other. There was no looking I just reached and picked it up. Being in that moment was a very strange experience on so many levels.

So the bottom line is I wasted an hour looking for the screws and the time in my head spent thinking about it. Also what kind of car has a trunk that comes undone? Who needs it? With all there is to worry about great now we have to make sure screws are tightened.

Nap time.

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