Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday before the AAF.

Hello. The new image at the top of my blog is a horizontal painting that I made last year. It is cropped in the header but I like it just the same. It is amazing how much fun painting can be and how lucky I am to be so free with it. What I mean by that is I am making these abstract paintings that truly start from explorations with paint, color and they end up where they do.

Crazy but I am in my apartment in NYC on the fourteenth floor over 7th Avenue and I just heard a cat meow. It sounded like it came form down below but I guess it could have some from a neighbors window. I hope from a neighbors window as the thought of a cat down on the street is pretty horrible.

It is the week before the Affordable Art Fair which is installed this Tuesday. The first installation that I do not have to do all by myself I am happy to report. I am in good shape regarding the work just cleaning up some pieces that may have gotten scuffed edges and looking things over. It is nice to have a little time to do this compared to the past when everything seemed to be under the gun. Well anyway it is a nice change.

I did some errands in the city and noticed some of the AAF posters in the subway. Again how nice to be part of something that someone else is promoting. What a concept.

Yes I am in the city and it is very hot and humid in NY. I missed the hot humid summer that we just had and I can't imagine what it felt like.

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