Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday September 27th 2010

Hello. A day that will live on in my mind for a while and the day is young. So Last night John and I get back to the city with the last of my paintings unstretched and rolled ready to stretch today the day before installation of the Fair. All is fine at this point. I spent the night at John's and got to my place this morning ready to roll rather stretch the painting. "The painting" my Blue Abstract needed to be stretched and delivered to the gallery today as there is a person interested in seeing it before the fair. Great right?? Yes Great.

Until I get to my apartment and unroll to discover that the Red Abstract stuck to the Blue Abstract leaving red where there should be no red. There is no red in the painting. So that had to be dealt with. Without going into how let's just say I dealt with it successfully and did I mention that I had to go downtown to pick up the stretcher bars. Yes I did. So anyway back to the Blue Abstract, it's stretched and I decided to paint the sides white to have a clean look. I open the gesso like I do every time and pick up the gallon not really paying attention and spill a good two cups on the floor splashing on a couple of my Joshua tree paintings which are varnished and pristine at this point. Lucky for me actually because varnish cleans much easier than oil paint surface. OK after lapping up as much as I could with a rag in a slight panic. I then moved on to wet rags to clean up a bit. Mind you it's my studio so it's not a total disaster just a mess and gesso is not cheap and I am so... OK moving along.

So I've got things cleaned up a bit and there is a nice white halo on a large portion of my floor again not a catastrophe and it is only 12:15 pm not bad for a morning of insanity. OK so I manage to wrap up the painting did I mention that it is raining not the day to move paintings. So I get down to 7th Ave. and I'm walking as the painting is large and in the rain good luck getting a cab. I realize that the wind is worse than the water and I have to get a cab and look there is one across the street luckily at a red light and I risk all to get there. He is a sweet heart and helps me down seven blocks when I realize that I have no wallet or phone or anything for that matter just a large painting. No problem I'll ask the gallery owner for five bucks and run back to pay her directly. So there we are the painting is delivered for a woman that probably will not go back to se it and I'm dry in my apartment where I can stay for the day and evening stretching and really enjoying my home. I managed to not have a meltdown or even cry for that matter. I held it together. I think when I was able to repair the painting and get it stretched and seeing that it looked good everything else was manageable.

Not I must repair the Red Abstract which might prove to be more of a challenge. Oh well. The images are the paintings that I am discussing they are 40"x46".

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