Sunday, May 23, 2010

the weekend was busy that's for sure.

Hello. I am on the bus heading back to the city to prepare for the weekend. The work is done but there are finishing touches that need to be done there and I am subletting my place for three months at the end of the month so there is plenty to do. It seems like a long time to be away from my place but I have done it before and I need to be in the studio anyway and lets not forget the income that it brings.

This is one of the paintings that I am showing this weekend.

Next day. I am very pleased with the way my paintings looked hanging at Lyons Wier Gallery. I am now preparing for my three month sublet beginning on May 30th which means cleaning and removing things from my apartment with very limited time.

OK so that is that and I look forward to getting back to the studio and planning my attack. I kind of found a new direction I think. Before leaving EH for the city I did a painting that I am planning on hanging in the James Kennedy show on May 27th. It is a 24"x24" blast of color that really works.

Bill Wood liked my paintings which is nice.

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