Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the studio on this rainy day in may

http://www.artbazaar.tv/The_Art_Bazaar/Home.html As I have posted repeatedly I am part of this amazing weekend event. I need lunch.

http://jessicarant.wordpress.com/ Check out this blog it is new and enlightening in many ways. Something for everyone.

Hello. So I am in the studio and I've started a new painting 24"x24" specifically for this show out in East Hampton around Memorial Day. My friend James Kennedy is curating it and He invited me to put a painting in. Very nice right? Well I have started this painting and I am liking it, of course it is in the early stages and i try not to judge...right. Anyway, it is crazy and colorful and dark at the same time. Where am I going?

That is all just wanted to stay in touch with the pages. I sent a great celebrity that I happen to like a lot a note asking Her to request my friendship as Her box would not accept any requests. Surprise. Anyway, I sent her a nice note saying she would do my ego an enormous favor by requesting my friendship. I think it was funny. We shall see. It's not Babs btw, Like I have that email.

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